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2016’s Safest Energy Prediction

One safe energy prediction for 2016 is that the amount of data available to utilities and their consumers will continue to increase exponentially. Utilities know the importance of data. Two years ago, Oracle Utilities published a white paper (PDF) in which they said that utilities were already aware of the advantages of data analytics. “Data analytics is …


Why Can’t We Be Friends? The New Utility-Customer Relationship

This blog is inspired by a very interesting article on Intelligent Utility.   Utility-Customer Relationship As far as customer relationships go, consumers do not often consider their relationship with their utility as anything special. Think about it: when is the last time you experienced outstanding customer service and felt admiration or loyalty for your utility …


Which Appliances are Most Important to Unplug?

The simple answer to the question is the ones that use the most energy, but how do you know which ones want all the power? The DOE provides us with the typical wattages of various appliances, which is a great starting place. Also included in their article is a formula that will tell you how many …