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The nine steps of utility gamification (part 1)

Our previous blog posts provide a basic overview of gamification for energy efficiency and the elements of gamification.  Now it’s time to talk about how to plan and implement a gamified solution. How do you go about using gamification, if you aren’t already? Well, it’s an involved process for utilities to do in-house. Since Brilliency …


Gamified Solutions for Energy Efficiency Programs

Who doesn’t love a good game?  In business, game based strategies use the fun, camaraderie, competition, self-esteem, and social capital that games engender to motivate people. Utilities, and many other businesses, are finding ways to use gamified solutions in their customer energy efficiency programs. Games captivate a large number of people. “Gaming has woven its …


Behavior-based Energy Efficiency Programs

If you’ve ever noticed a New Year’s resolution lapsing, you’re not alone. Habit change can be difficult because of certain quirks of human psychology. Utility energy efficiency programs are combining lessons from marketing, social sciences, and behavioral economics to deal with some of the same quirks and even using them to improve decision-making. Last week, …


BYOT and Behavioral Energy Efficiency

New tech, same old story New energy efficiency technologies are exciting, but tech can only work as well as its users allow. Even while the Internet of Things (IoT) keeps inching home automation toward true, integrated experience worthy of the moniker, “smart home,” issues with user behavior persist. If users aren’t educated and motivated to …


Beyond Supply: Utilities’ Social, Digital Future

What do Facebook or Twitter matter to utilities?  According to some industry executives, social media is a critical foundation to the evolved business model.  In the traditional model, everything once revolved around selling and delivering gas, water, or electricity through a network of lines (as summarized by a recent IDC Energy Insights white paper1 discussed …


Four Utility and Customer Engagement Lessons for 2015

The new year is here, and we’re in the season for looking back and summing up the the year that has passed with retrospectives and year-end research results. Here are four from 2015 with takeaways for utilities interested in customer engagement. The Energy Business 1. The Grid Edge 2015 Year in Review Discussion of the …


2016’s Safest Energy Prediction

One safe energy prediction for 2016 is that the amount of data available to utilities and their consumers will continue to increase exponentially. Utilities know the importance of data. Two years ago, Oracle Utilities published a white paper (PDF) in which they said that utilities were already aware of the advantages of data analytics. “Data analytics is …


How Interactive Content Helps Utilities Turn the Corner on Customer Engagement

Utilities that engage their customers see benefits. Engagement leads to information sharing and behavior changes that enable utilities to plan programs and services and to improve grid stability. Consumer engagement remains an opportunity for most utilities, with many ongoing benefits not yet realized. Back in 2013, reports showed that under a quarter (24%) of people …


The Internet of Every Thing: Smart Home Edition

IoT: the Internet of Things The Internet of Things, or IoT, has been defined as “a development of the Internet in which everyday objects have network connectivity, allowing them to send and receive data.” According to the research firm Gartner, 3.9 billion connected things were used in 2014 and by 2020, it is expected to …


Tesla’s Take on Technology and the Changing Utility Business Model

This blog is inspired by interesting articles found on Utility Dive and Quartz.   Business shifting utility industry Elon Musk and Tesla are constantly making the headlines – the business is creating disruption, and its real news. Tesla is fundamentally changing the economics of energy and many are asking how its innovations will impact the utility …